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AJ C Fox

I am a parent, first and foremost. I have two lovely (of course I’m partial, but they really are super) children. They are six and three. We homeschool in the mornings and are always off on one tiny grand adventure or another. You can find many of our adventures over on Instagram, mostly because the world of children is just so small and magical that one can’t help but share.

I grew up in the Ozarks. As a child I was homeschooled and spent most of my time playing outside and consuming every book the Springfield-Greene County Library had to offer. In 8th grade I transferred my studies to Central High School, where I finished out my high school degree.

I completed my Bachelors at Missouri State University in 2008, finishing with a degree in Psychology with associated work in Gender Studies. I went on to get my Masters in Experimental Psychology (with a focus in Cognitive/Legal Psychology) from University of Arkansas – Fayetteville.

When I moved back to Springfield after grad school I spent some time working for a family business (and deep diving into the Slam Poetry scene) before I transitioned to working for Springfield-Greene County Library as a reference associate. In 2015 I began my work as the Director of Religious Education at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Springfield Missouri, a position I still hold.

I find myself happiest and most enriched when I am have a healthy balance of the data-driven and analytical components of my academic training mixed with the important artistic and creative world of poetry, creatives, and non-profits.