Education as Empowerment

When we know better, we do better.

These trainings are crafted to make sure that parents and caregivers are prepared to create a Family Culture that support self-worth and autonomy for all family members. Trainings vary on topics and are offered on a rotating basis. All meetings are virtual and described fully at the time of registration. With classes that vary in focused child age, caregiver relationship to the child, as well as topic I work hard to make sure the material is well suited for your needs and that you leave a stronger, more insightful, and more flexible caregiver.

Support in the hard conversations.

Sometimes you just need a confidential space to share and get feedback on how to handle a tough moment or a tricky conversation you know is coming. Confidential 1:1 sessions are not therapy or a substitute for therapy. The 1:1 sessions are a chance for you to ask questions and get support Maybe your kid asked a question about human sexuality that you really don’t know how to answer. Maybe something has come up and you are sure the age appropriate language to tackle the question. Your kids best friend has come out and you want to be sure you are being a decent allie. Maybe you want to practice responses out loud a few times in a safe nonjudgemental space. The 1:1 sessions are here to create the space you need.

Resources, tools, links, and all the rest.

There are so many resources available to caregivers that it can be incredibly overwhelming to try to find the exact article, podcast episode, or picture book to fit your individual household at the moment you need it. I work hard to curate my favorite materials so that I can support families in the moment. I link all my favorite resources on this site so you can find them again and again. After all, this isn’t about one “The Talk” but a family culture that facilitates talking.