Family Culture

Family Culture of Connection:

Robyn Gobbel Parenting After Trauma: In the podcast episode titled “How to Parent a Bottomless Pit of Needs,” hosted by Robyn Gobbel, the focus is on the vital role of connection in parenting.
When to Listen: If you are struggling in interactions with a child who never seems satisfied with the connection and always needs more attention. (Also if you, an adult, struggle with codependency patterns, oooooof this is the episode for you.)
Grain of Salt: Approach the term “Bottomless Pit” with caution, as all children require connection and creating narratives about our kids can change our own behavior towards them.

Family Culture of Restorative Practices:

Janet Lansbury Unruffled: In the episode “Damage Control When We Feel Like We Are Failing,” Janet Lansbury goes quick and deep on what caregivers can do when they just don’t have enough to give. Life happens, to and around us, but there are some things we can do to weather the storm.
When to Listen: When the going gets tough and you just don’t have enough to give. This is the reminder we all need to take a deep breath, avoid guilt cycles that make it worse, and to offer amends when we drop the ball.
Grain of Salt: Janet Lansbury’s podcast is mostly aimed at young kids. However, put on a lens of relationship, and this is a solid podcast even if your kids are older.