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Say Gay: Educational Gag Orders

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What do we do if our kid’s teacher can’t even say “GAY”?

What do Trusted Adults need to know about “educational gag order” laws and how can we shift our Family Culture in response? In this Micro Course you will learn how to support age appropriate discussion of topics such as gender identity, sexual orientation, sexual reproduction, and related matters in the context of Educational Gag Orders.

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Learn the material, and then practice “saying gay” together.

We are in uncharted territory as parents. More and more states are passing “Educational Gag Orders” that limit what teachers can say or teach in the classroom. These rules are often passed under the premise of parental rights but parents and caregivers aren’t always prepared to create a Family Culture that supports their values. Educators are under direct pressure to remove inclusive language and age appropriate information from their classrooms and it is up to the Family Culture to pick up the slack.

The “Say Gay” course includes some PreReq readings and then a series of bites on the way that Educational Gag Orders may change the way that you approach intentional Family Culture creation. Each course has a live capstone conversation where I meet with the participants from the cohort and we navigate and practice together. It’s one thing entirely to know that you want to respond in ways that are inclusive and age appropriate, it’s another to do it in the moment. Practicing together is a great way to do this work.

This practice is incredibly important, *and* it can create complicated spaces when parents and caregivers are coming from diverse backgrounds. By doing this work in 1:1 spaces we are able to do

About the PreReqs: If you get a little dizzy at the idea of your kid asking questions about sex or about gender expression, the PreReqs are there to support you on the front end. Some of us need every bit of this, some of us need a quick refresher, and for some of us this is our daily lived experience. As Educational Gag Order laws and policies are unfolding the

Here’s what you’ll learn

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Learn about the impact of Educational Gag Orders and learn ways to “Say Gay”.

This isn’t about the specifics of the law, this is about the culture of fear and uncertainty that all of our children’s educators are working under. Even if you are in a state that currently does not have these laws on the books your children are working with educators who are being disempowered. Being prepared to help create Family Culture that communicates your values is key to working your way through this moment of cultural tension.

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Meet to practice!

You will have an opportunity to practice what you have learned and also ask any follow-up questions. This is set at a time that works for you once you have completed the course materials. You will receive a code that is good for one 1:1 session that we will tailor to the content covered in this course.

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Put thought into action!

The work of creating Family Culture is never done, but preparation goes a long ways. Take what you have learned and put it into action. If you ever need additional support I’m here for follow-up 1:1 sessions.

Meet Hellen

You will begin by getting to know Hellen, who will also teach you how to learn the best tricks she accumulated throughout her 25+ years of experience.


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